The power of traditions

There are things whose value lies in the tradition, therefore, SIA “Sātiņi-LM” was built in 2006 on the basis of the former Brocēni cement and slate factory limestone processing.

We believe things are moving forward only by doing so, the production of limestone flour has practically not stopped since 1964. It is located in the southern part of Kurzeme near the limestone mining site, which is the largest in Latvia. It is essential that the raw material stock is inexhaustible and 100% natural, with a stable chemical composition and properties.

With a view towards tomorrow

Today it is of utmost importance to maintain a valuable balance between the knowledge acquired during many years and market innovations and to achieve a stable and outstanding quality of the end product by optimising the production capacity and costs and taking care of nature-friendly environment and attitude.

The way to excellence is possible through development only. Therefore, owing to the European Union (EU) structural funds, new equipment has been installed in the plant during recent years thereby ensuring the maximum quality of products and developing new products that have gained appreciation not only in the Baltics but also on the EU market.

Value above the time

We are aware that people, and not money or gold, is the most important value in this world. The greatest value of the company is our employees and customers. Unity, trust, joint work of our staff that has not changed for more than 15 years already, as well as fresh knowledge is the basis of our success. Thanks to the staff, we have gained success and the possibility to work with our customers.

Our philosophy is to offer only the best to the customers; therefore our production is tested regularly in accredited Latvian un EU laboratories to verify full compliance with the quality provisions set forth by the EU. On the basis of these tests, the production is given EC markings.

It is most important that we offer our customers only what we would be ready to use ourselves. What we are absolutely convinced about. What we believe in – this will make your business only better!


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