The lime extends the life of the road pavements, especially at high loads

Asphalt concrete

Every day, when driving along a highway or a street, standing on a train platform or taking off from an airport, we can appraise the significance of asphalt in the contemporary world. Without it we would still be driving muddy roads and receiving messages a couple of months too late. Nowadays, lime is not just a mineral filler. It is considered as being a multi-functional asphalt modifier that prolongs the lifecycles of asphalt layers and reduces the road pavement maintenance costs.

Lime has an important function to perform in road creation and maintenance:

Moisture resistance
It increases the resistance of bituminous mixtures to the influence of moisture. Lime allows mixtures maintaining their performance and ensuring appropriate resistance to large stresses (especially important for roads subject to regular traffic).
lime also increases the viscosity of bitumen filler and makes it more resistant to the formation of ruts and fatigue cracks. By reacting with the bituminous components, lime reduces oxidation that gives rise to premature deterioration of asphalt mixtures.

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