Why is limestone so necessary

Lime - from concrete to food production

Limestone is one of the most valuable minerals in Latvia, with the most extensive use in the national economy. In construction – no real house is built without lime. In agriculture, so that the soil can be fruitful for a long time and do not drown even at intensive farming, it must be crippled. In livestock farming – calcium is needed for animal health, productivity and productivity – both for cattle and for chickens. In the food and hygiene industry – creams, vitamins and even cakes on the birthday table.

The lime is over all!

Did you know? - or interesting facts about lime

Lime was known already to the ancient Romans who used calcium oxide for lime preparation.
Calcium was obtained separately for the first time by Humphrey Davy in 1808.
Of non-milk products, most calcium is in sardines in oil.
Calcium represents about 2% of the body weight.