Lime is one of the oldest building materials used by the ancient Romans

For building material producers

If we imagine the world and real homes we live in, it is clear that it would not be possible without lime. Buildings that are centuries old, mansions worth millions of dollars, as well as the highest skyscrapers are a proof of how irreplaceable lime is in the everyday life of a builder and building material producer. Also the compliance of lime with all the ecological construction principles is of significance. Nowadays it is an important issue when thinking of the purity of nature and the green way of life.

Lime is used:

In mortar production.
Mortar is an integral constituent of the building process, since without mortar bricks would not stick together. Mortar containing lime absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which dissolves in the water contained in mortar and reacts with lime thereby creating carbonate crystals. Cement–lime mixtures ensure the necessary strength, the best ``soft`` properties and a high water retaining capacity. Besides, lime improves the adhesion and reduces the permeability of rainwater, as well as increases the resistance of mortar to the influence of sulphates.
Lime bricks
in lime bricks the mixture composition of which includes lime, natural sand and water only. Later this mixture is aged in reactors and compressed with steam by forming bricks. Lime (including the contained large amount of calcium oxide) gives the maximum mechanical strength, solidity and density to bricks.
In steel framework
For concrete strengthening

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