To enrich the peat substrate and normalize the pH

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Limestone in producing of peat substrates

Nowadays the energy sector, agricultural sector, as well as the production of heat insulation materials are to be regarded as the main fields of peat application.  However, there are also other possibilities of peat application. As a result of heat and chemical treatment a wide range of chemical substances can be obtained from peat, such as humus substances, spirits, activated carbons, waxes, furfural, various biologically active substances. Peat and processed products thereof are used also in such fields as environment technologies, medicine, food industry, colorant and perfumery production, and others.

 A common feature of peat substrates is that they are produced from qualitative, usually little-decomposed moss peat that has been added liming materials, fertilisers and micro elements. Peat substrates are used mainly for growing various plants.

The Latvian peat possesses the following outstanding properties:

  • it is virtually free from infectious diseases and weed seeds
  • it absorbs and retains moisture very well while ensuring air supply to the roots
  • initially peat contains almost no nutrients, and this provides the possibility to improve the substrate according to the needs of each plant

In the preparation of substrates also microfertilisers are added alongside with the basic fertiliser. The fertiliser to be added for each grown crop shall be adjusted as necessary.

What makes lime in peat substrates:

Adjusts the pH of the substrate
accelerates the decomposition process

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